Westco High Speed Internet


Residential High Speed Internet
6Mbps/1Mbps $42.95
8Mbps/1Mbps $49.95
10Mbps/1Mbps $52.95
12Mbps/2Mbps $56.95*
20Mbps/1Mbps $62.95*

Business High Speed Internet
6Mbps/1Mbps $64.95
9Mbps/1Mbps $69.95
10Mbps/4Mbps $84.95*
25Mbps/5Mbps $99.95*
30Mbps/2Mbps $89.95*
25Mbps/15Mbps $109.95*
25Mbps/25Mbps $119.95*
50Mbps/50Mbps $199.95*

Bonded High Speed
6Mbps/2Mbps $72.95*
9Mbps/2Mbps $79.95*
30Mbps/2Mbps $89.95*

* Where available

MODEM rental pricing

9Mbps/1Mbps or less can rent MODEM@ 1.95 monthly or purchase 44.95

12Mpbs/2Mpbs or greater can rent MODEM @ $4.95 monthly or purchase $89.00

3Mbps/1Mbps or greater w/wireless can rent MODEM @5.95 monthly or purchase $115.00

Bonded MODEM can rent MODEM @6.95 monthly or purchase $140.00

Additional Services
Charge to install and setup wireless $50.00 flat fee for Residenital
Charge to setup modem $99.00 flat fee for Business
Router Config $80.00 Flat Fee

Higher speeds may be available in your area. Call our business office at 304-983-2211 for more information.

General Information

ftp host address: users.westco.net

Mail Server Information:
POP3 mail server: mail.westco.net
SMTP mail server: mail.westco.net
IMAP mail server: mail.westco.net

DNS numbers: